The Importance Of Practiced Commercial Business Heating Services

October 11th, 2016 by admin

As a commercial property owner, you have the duty of keeping your workers, occupants, and clients physically comfortable. Depending on the type of company you operate or the size of the building, this job can be rather difficult. Office areas can run the gamut in size from a single office to a multi-level corporate complex. You may even operate a large warehouse, industrial building, or a plant that encompasses several acres.

The heating and air conditioning requirements vary from one type building to another. To meet your building’s HVAC demands it’s important that the heating and cooling company you choose for installation, repair, or design has the knowledge and experience complete the job correctly. Commercial property owners need to make it a priority to work with HVAC companies that are acquainted with commerical business heating in New Orleans.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Challenges
One of the main obstacles with the design and installation of commercial HVAC systems is addressing the size of the area that the system needs to heat and cool. Huge areas need effective units that can successfully cool and heat without using unnecessary energy to keep operating costs at a minimum. HVAC companies with familiarity in the commercial segment should be able to recommend units that will meet the specific needs of all kinds of companies.

Another obstacle that many commercial properties struggle with is finding an area to hold the unit. Contracting with an inexpert HVAC company unfamiliar with the schematics of commercial buildings may end up installing the unit in an incorrect location, causing it to work ineffectively. The cost to relocate will end up costing you more money that you anticipated.

It’s also important to keep in mind that HVAC units that are installed in the proper areas not only work to their full potential, but are much easier to service.

The location of ductwork is an additional reason to hire an HVAC company that focuses on commercial installation and repair. In houses, air isn’t required to flow far from the unit to work correctly. Residential ductwork can be small and does not require much length. Residential ductwork is typically flanked by the floor joists and the vents push air through the floors. Commercial floors are typically concrete. Concrete flooring makes is improbably for ducts to be nestled between floor joists. Also, commercial ducts need to be long and wide to carry air effectively to all the areas of the building. Commercial properties with the wrong ductwork installed will experience airflow problems.

Findings a Company that Concentrates on Commercial HVAC Design and
Finding an experience HVAC company can require a bit of time and research. Many HVAC companies offer both residential and commercial services. Therefore, it may be hard to find a company that specializes just in commercial installation and design. However, you should find a company that has separate divisions for each area. Ask the subsequent questions prior to hiring an HVAC service to help you with your design and installation needs:

• Does your company have the proper licensing to work on commercial structures?
• How long has your company been in business in the area?
• Do you have proof of liability insurance?
• Do you have commercial references to contact?
• How long do you expect the project to take?
• Do you offer written estimates before work begins?

Commercial property owners and managers who take the time to research companies that specialize in commerical business heating in New Orleans will have a better all-around experience. Diligence will ensure the design and installation project is completed correctly and done to the highest quality possible so that your building’s tenants are comfortable and you’re not blindsided by expensive repairs.


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